S2E1 - Transitioning into Fall

Show Notes and Resources

AJ is in Oregon and it’s cold and rainy.

Alex is in Los Angeles and its hot and humid. 

Alex discusses her transition into a new job.

AJ is kicking off the episode with a lukewarm protein shake. 

Institute of Five Element Acupuncture in Santa Monica



What Chinese Medicine has to say about the fall season:

Metal as an element represents grief. You can tell if your metal element is out of balance if your expression of grief is imbalanced or inappropriate, or if you’re not able to grieve at all. Grief cleanses us of what we no longer need.  

Alongside grief, you have the emotion of courage. Being able to grieve takes courage and vulnerability. 

In terms of the season, you might be letting go of summer and grieving that season as you transition into fall. 

Body parts associated with the season:

Colon - let go of the old

Lungs - breathe in the new

If we are not able to process grief during this season, these two body parts may potentially become “stuck.”

AJ doesn’t know what a ping is on Slack. It’s basically a direct message.  AJ just learned what a direct message was thanks   Lizzo. “Lizzo and I are homegirls, she just doesn’t fucking know it yet.”  AJ

Fall is a great time for cleanses or detoxing. This ties back to the colon. 

Colon —> root chakra —> grounding 

Root Chakra is associated with the color red. A crystal associated with the root chakra is red jasper. 

Letting go through the root chakra (in relation to the colon in Chinese Medicine): imagining a grounding cord going into the earth.  To clear negative energy out of your body, you can imagine that energy moving downward into a grounding cord (think of a tube, a rope, a vacuum, something moving down from your feet if you’re standing or from your pelvis if you’re sitting) and then all the way into the center of the earth. In the earth this energy can be transmuted. Energy is not destroyed, it is transformed. So sending this energy into the earth allows it to be transmuted into something else. Instead of thinking of energy dissipating or dissolving, imagine it going into the earth through a grounding cord.

While Alex was discussing that, AJ was intuitively compelled to flip to a random page of her favorite meditation book called A Little Bit of Meditation by Amy Leigh Mercree 


The page AJ flipped to was Page 93 and is a guided meditation for letting go of density. It starts with this, “I allow any density in my body to easily drop out of my energetic field and down Into the earth right now. I thank the earth for recycling any density that I release back into use white light.” 

It’s incredible the things that will happen when you follow your intuition!

Cleanses during fall. Change something about your eating.

Connecting food to mental health and wellness

Good mood food. Jason Wrobel. https://jasonwrobel.com/good-food-for-good-moods/


Three R’s - created by AJ

Reflection - looking back on what has served you over the past season as well as something that was a struggle.

Ritual -a ritual you can add into your routine that helps to support you through the seasonal transition. 

Resolution - a commitment to something for the upcoming season. Set intentions for what you want the season to look like and what you might want to accomplish.