S1E9 - When Your Head is Spinning

Show Notes

  • Mercury Retrograde Recap - It’s over. . . almost. . . 

  • Alex definitely did not take heed of AJ’s advice about Mercury Retrograde when they recorded that episode. Alex’s experience of the retrograde was a doozy as she experienced all of the things AJ made mention of - especially that of old patterns coming up again and again for you to work through. Alex went through ALL of her old patterns!

  • AJ experienced the unearthing of deep things during Mercury Retrograde, but now it’s like, “Well, here is all of this carnage to now deal with.”

  • After stationing direct, Mercury is now close to Neptune, which means more water. 

  • Energetically, AJ feels like she’s wearing a helmet full of water whenever there is a planet close to Neptune. 

  • AJ is able to predict correlation and causation when it comes to astrology. 

  • Historical evidence of the legitimacy of astrology: Evangeline Adams. She popularized astrology in the west, was related to John Adams and John Quincy Adams. She was arrested for “fortune telling” and is the only case in history that used astrology to prove her case. At her hearing she asked the judge for his son’s birth date and time. She then read the son’s astrological natal chart. Upon hearing the reading for his son, the judge dismissed the case saying, “Adams raises the dignity of astrology to an exact science.” 

  • Alex has no clue what the f*** she is doing with her life right now. She’s treading water and doesn’t know which way to swim or what to do to keep from drowning. 

  • Does she reach and grasp at something to save her, or wait for the storm to pass?

  • How capable are you of swimming currently? What do you do if your life raft is also drowning?

  • All of these surface level anxieties are rooted in a deeper cause. 

  • How do we calm our nervous systems? For Alex it’s getting outside!

  • AJ suggests having “anchors” that help you to complete tasks and do things you want to do. Anchors are things you know you enjoy that you will get to do when you are going to do this other thing you need to do. Like creating a playlist for your drive, getting your favorite coffee drink, wearing your favorite sweater, etc. 

  • It’s okay to need and utilize help and assistance. Alex needs to work on this. Is this an “American” concept?

  • It comes back to: “SHOULD!” Why do we keep using this word on ourselves? I SHOULD. . . 

  • Should is a bullsh*t word. 

  • Spirituality practices are promoting things in a similar way that religions are promoting things in saying that their way is “THE” way. 

  • Social media - people are anchoring to anyone they can access to tell them how to live and how to be. We aren’t actually receiving support from people on social media. 

  • You have the ability to curate your own social media experience.

  • You are allowed to discontinue things you no longer need to see or have access to. You can rely on yourself and your own intuition. 

  • Anxiety and depression can keep us from having the motivation to do the things that we know will help us feel more calm and grounded.

  • Sometimes all that we need is a support system or someone that we can vent all of our worries and frustrations to. 


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