S1E6 - Mercury Retrograde

Show Notes:

  • What is Mercury Retrograde? Literally and metaphorically. 

  • People may experience: difficulty with technology and electronics, financial blunders, odd events, difficulty with communication. Not supposed make big life changes or plans during a retrograde period. 

  • Mercury as a planet represents: commerce, mystery, communication. 

  • Mercury in retrograde gets a lot of hype. The other planets go through retrogrades too, you know. 

  • Occurring March 5th - March 28th.  Mercury goes retrograde three times a year. 

  • Where Mercury is in your natal chart and many other astrological components affect how Mercury Retrograde season may affect you or how heavily it may be felt.

  • This particular one is in the sign of Pisces. We are also having a new moon in Pisces at the time of this recording (March 6, 2019). Pisces is a water sign. 

  • AJ doesn’t subscribe to anything that involves the idea that the universe is here to scare us or cause harm or skepticism. She instead believes in feeling empowered with having information about what may be going on around you and then using that information to help you make decisions. 

  • Some people use Mercury Retrograde as a scapegoat for bad things going on or to justify behaviors. That can be a slippery slope related to self-fulfilling prophecies. 

  • People are really “into” metaphysical and spiritual things. “Westernizing.” Eg. Buying crystals and selenite at Urban Outfitters. 

  • Yoga tangent! On a soap box the size of the Titanic. 

  • Side note: anyone know about these yoga challenges that are going on on Instagram? Like 30 day challenges where you tag people and have the potential to win stuff through doing yoga? 

  • Astrology is the latest thing to stick on a coffee mug. (Don’t tell AJ. . . Alex has a coffee mug with her sun sign, Capricorn, on it!) 

  • We have to be really careful about when societies and cultures get ahold of something and run with it because it can very easily be misconstrued and misrepresented or even turned into something that becomes a commodity or produced in such a way that is not about educating people, but is just about producing products or content. 

  • You gotta go back and check in with how you’ve educated yourself, what you’re interested in, why is it of value to you, and what really resonates with you. 

  • Alex sees value in these mystical or spiritual practices reaching a vast array of people in such a way that the information is digestible and easy to understand. So long as the information is accurate and is rooted in its origins. 

  • When you are rooted in education and background knowledge about a practice, you are able to enjoy and understand the content that is lighter and amusing about a practice. You can appreciate it more fully than someone who is using the lighthearted content at face value as their base knowledge or taking it as their version of fact. 

  • The conversation we are having in this episode exemplifies our podcast: For Thought’s Sake.

  • In our world today it can be difficult to do that without people becoming heated or triggered with emotion.  

  • Back to the retrograde:

  • Pisces - water sign. individuals with this as their sun sign are associated with intuition, spending time alone, being spiritual, emotional, romantic, chill but strong people. 

  • New moon and mercury retrograde in Pisces might mean double the Pisces influence! 

  • Visual imagery associated with this time period. Doing a meditation on what this time period might mean for you. 

  • Astrologer Chani Nicholas is our GIRL!!!!!! Look her up!!!!!!! She has an article in Oprah Magazine online about Mercury Retrograde. 

  • Checking in with yourself before reading about an astrological occurrence. See if what you received aligns with what is said about the occurrence or not. 

  • Sometimes we rely too heavily on outside sources to guide us. It can be used as a crutch and a way to avoid our inner feelings and experiences. 

  • This is a month where self care is of value. Pay attention to what is being unearthed for you and try to meet whatever comes up with honesty. 


  • Article by Chani Nicholas in Oprah Magazine about Mercury Retrograde: 


  • New Moon in Pisces Horoscope by Chani Nicholas:


  • Alex’s favorite memes on Instagram: @trueyouhealing https://www.instagram.com/trueyouhealing/