S1E4 - Experiencing Acupuncture

Show Notes:

  • Alex has her first acupuncture appointment.

  • AJ describes Qi and meridians.

  • Communicating with your acupuncturist about what’s going on during the session.

  • AJ describes community acupuncture and why she prefers it.

  • “Dropping in” to the acupuncture experience. 

  • Energetic experiences at community acupuncture. 

  • The five archetypes in Chinese medicine - water, fire, earth, wood, metal.

  • Making your mental, physical, emotional health a priority. 

  • Acupuncture is a “four for one.” Taking care of your physiological system, neurological system, self care, and meditation.

  • Alex and AJ address reasons you may not like acupuncture and reservations you may have.

  • Financial aspects of getting acupuncture.