S1E3 - A Lesson in Love

Show Notes:

  • Alex likes Valentine’s Day. AJ does not. . . 

  • Shifting Valentine’s Day from a historically commercial perspective to a self love perspective.

  • Therapeutic care and attention to what is going on internally. Mind body connection. 

  • Noticing the disconnect between mind and body. Cultivating the “noticing” of the disconnect. 

  • Regardless of tragedy, trauma, circumstance, whatever is going on, what is something that you know is going to make you feel better?

  • What skills do you have that you can implement from day to day in regards to self care?

  • Are we willing to make the time to support ourselves so that we can in turn care and love and support others?

  • Self care and self love are interchangeable. How can you love yourself without being able to first care for yourself?

  • Earthing as a form of self care. 

  • How can I shift the relationship I’m having with myself?

  • Qualifiers to justify our self care and self love. They aren’t needed!

  • Honor your choices surrounding self care practices. Let yourself indulge in them without any qualifying judgments about why. You don’t need a reason other than the fact that you love yourself and are caring for yourself. 

  • Resources:

  • Whatever Arises, Love That by Matt Kahn