S1E19 - Reflecting on Season 1

Show Notes and Resources

Full Moon in Pisces & Friday the 13th

Article on Vox.com called “Friday the 13th isn’t unlucky. It’s a meme disguised as superstition,” by Aja Romano.

“The idea of the 13th day of the month being unlucky may have first taken hold in ancient Greece, around 700 BC, when the poet Hesiod penned a farmer’s almanac called Works and Days. In his almanac he cautioned the farmer to “avoid the thirteenth of the waxing month for beginning to sow,” though he doesn’t explain why.

For most of recorded human history, the number 13 was associated with Jesus and his 12 disciples, and specifically the evening of the Last Supper, which found all 13 of them assembled together, with Judas being received as the 13th guest. (And we know how that turned out.) The story of the Last Supper also coincides with a similar story in Norse myth in which Loki crashed a Valhalla dinner party as the 13th guest, bringing immediate chaos and destruction with him.”

Season 1 reflection time

Rage was a main motivator when it came to kicking off the podcast with S1E1 - Integrity and the In-Laws. 

This first episode was very organic in how it came to be. Since then every episode has been able to flow organically. No sense of chronic urgency, it just happens when it is meant to be. 

Alex and AJ are both Type A organized people, but this episode is not that at all. We haven’t stuck to any type of plan. 

We record what is needed at certain times for us and for other people. We are guided by something else, a higher power, and we are not following our logic. Balancing human vs. soul components. 

This podcast was birthed out of the fact that not many people in podcasts or on Instagram were talking about the struggles to do with health, wellness, and spirituality practices. Alex wanted more vulnerability and honesty. 

People are so far out of the forest that their struggles are a distant memory that they can’t really encapsulate anymore. We wanted to be honest in the moment about struggles we are currently facing and how we are handling them. 

Our hope was to create content that was approachable, reachable, and validating for others. 

AJ’s favorite episode is S1E4 - Experiencing Acupuncture. It involves both science and application. It’s a resource that people can consider based on our experiences with acupuncture. 

Alex goes into her process for interviewing people. Every person she interviewed was chosen intuitively and they almost all had stories or information to share that related to things she was currently experiencing in her life. 

S1E13 - Kelsie Koziol: Vulnerability is Sexy was very eye opening and healing for Alex. She was able to address some of her ego that caused her to feel jealous of Kelsie in the past. It was a cathartic experience. 

There is one episode Alex and AJ recorded that was not released because some spooky things were happening in the editing process. 

New segments for Season 2!

Say this, Not That - we bring up inspirational quotes that give us anxiety and what other quote we would choose to replace it 

Ponderings from the People - we will be accepting questions from the audience about anything and everything and discussing them at the end of each episode! 

We are curious to hear what people want to hear!