S1E2 - Intuitive Decision Making

Show Notes:

  • Springtime is big life decision making time! People are choosing which schools to attend for undergrad, graduate, PhD, trade schools, any other school programs. 

  • When you have multiple choices, how do you narrow down the options and make a choice?

  • Following your intuition can be challenging as we may fear the judgment we might face from others. Our intuition may lead us down a path that will go against what our peers, family, or friends may think of us and the repercussions can be big. 

  • Understanding how intuition manifests in your body. 

  • Using meditation to familiarize yourself with different sensations in your body.

  • Expanding on that to add language/questions/words/objects and seeing how your body reacts to them. 

  • Your body has wisdom within it that is not always logical or makes sense to your brain. 

  • Start small and then work your way up to bigger choices. 

  • Logic and intuition can coincide. Must do your due diligence with collecting as much empirical data about your choices first, then let your intuition lead the way. 

  • How do you account for anxiety when using your intuition? 

  • Learning the skills to get you to a calm meditative state. Finding your meditative anchor. 

  • Understanding the different “voices” in your head that may not belong to you and may not be something you really agree with. The voices will either align with your body’s intuitive response or not. 

  • Tone and intonation of the voice is another clue as to whether it is an intuitive voice or not.

  • Signs from the universe out in the world.

  • Intuition is different for every person and it takes time to learn how your intuition communicates with you. 

  • Different “clair” senses. 

  • Recap: Connecting to your body, finding your anchoring meditative experience, identifying voices that are not intuitive, understanding the “why” behind those voices and being able to unravel them, environmental components/signs out in the world, and being discerning with what you notice.