S1E10 - Taylor Marsden: Freelancing Queen

In the first ever episode with a guest, Alex interviews Taylor Marsden! Taylor (aka @copywritertay) is a freelance copywriter who has been living the boss babe life since 2014. She is the OG when it comes to being a digital nomad and knows a thing or two about how to keep yourself motivated when you are your own boss. In this episode, Alex and Taylor discuss the struggles that come along with being a freelancer including: how to maintain your own health and wellbeing, how to find connection with others, and how to motivate yourself to be the female entrepreneur you always dreamed you’d be.

Warning: Prior to listening to this podcast, we request that you inhale balance, and exhale bullsh*t.

S1E9 - When Your Head is Spinning

What do you do when your head is spinning? After the turmoil of that Mercury Retrograde season, Alex now feels like her life is a bit out of sorts. AJ comes to the rescue to help her process through what to do when you feel like you are drowning and don't know how to keep your head above water. They discuss their respective experiences throughout March (when Mercury was in retrograde), how to calm your nervous system, anxiety and depression in relation to motivation, how "should" is a bullsh*t word, how we need to be wary of the ways we use social media, and the importance of having a support system in place when you are in the thick of it.

Warning: Prior to listening to this podcast, we request that you inhale balance and exhale bullsh*t.

S1E8 - Alex's Divorce

High school sweethearts. Married at 20. Divorced at 27. Reunited. Separated, Reunited again. . . all while going to graduate school. The story of this Twin Flame journey is a doozy! Tune in as Alex embarks on her first solo episode to share the story of her journey with the love of her life. 

Warning: Prior to listening to this podcast, we request that you inhale balance and exhale bullsh*t.

S1E7 - Friendship & Anxiety

In this episode, Alex and AJ discuss the ways we experience anxiety when it comes to friendship. How do you interact with someone when you have your own life circumstances going on that hinder you from being the friend you think you are expected to be? How do you handle the anxiety that may result from asking those questions? Alex and AJ open up about the ways they handle friendship which includes boundary setting, what it means to have expectations, reciprocity in friendships, and the role of fate, synchronicity, and the universe when it comes to friendship. They also discuss anxiety in relation to how we interpret text messages and social media responses from friends, which can actually be similar to the anxiety we may feel when face to face with friends. At the end of the episode they go through a checklist of questions you can ask yourself to help make decisions in regards to participating in social events with friends when you are experiencing anxiety surrounding the event.

Warning: Prior to listening to this podcast, we request that you inhale balance and exhale bullsh*t.

S1E6 - Mercury Retrograde

Some people use Mercury Retrograde as a scapegoat for bad things going on or to justify behaviors. Blaming the planets can be a slippery slope related to self-fulfilling prophecies. Our take on Mercury Retrogade? We believe in feeling empowered by having information about what may be going on around you and then using that information to help you make decisions. You gotta go back and check in with how you’ve educated yourself, what you’re interested in, why it is of value to you, and finding what really resonates with you. This episode is kinda like a pretzel. Join us through its twists and turns! Maybe Mercury Retrograde is to blame. . . 

Warning: Prior to listening to this podcast we request that you inhale balance and exhale bullsh*t.

S1E5 - Soul Suppression

What are you suppressing within you that needs to be unleashed? It is probably something that makes you feel alive, that allows you to release emotion, and feels good in your soul. In this episode, Alex and AJ unravel the ways in which they are not fully doing that which makes their soul happy. They discuss various components of this including physiological aspects (such as sensory integration), lack of access to the activities that light them up, and how our sense of identity can be wrapped up in that which makes our soul feel alive. 

S1E4 - Experiencing Acupuncture

Alex experienced her first ever acupuncture session. AJ, on the other hand, is a seasoned acupuncture junkie and drops some Chinese medicine knowledge like a badass. In this episode, Alex describes her newbie experience and AJ fills in the real scoop on what acupuncture is all about. PS. We are not health professionals and are not giving health advice. Consult your own doctor before trying any new health regimen. . . but acupuncture is pretty rad. 

Warning: Prior to listening to this podcast, we request that you inhale balance, and exhale bullsh*t.

S1E3 - A Lesson in Love

Alex likes Valentine’s Day. AJ does not. . . So we decided to discuss self love instead. We ask the question, how can I shift the relationship I’m having with myself? It starts with noticing when you feel disconnected, especially in terms of your mind body connection, and then cultivating the "noticing" of the disconnect. AJ talks about how self care and self love are interchangeable. How can you love yourself without being able to first care for yourself? We talk about the ways we both care for ourselves and Alex has a lightbulb moment where she realizes that she's only taking care of herself when she has qualifiers to justify her self care and self love. When it comes to incorporating self care practices into your life, you don't need any qualifiers or justifications for it. You deserve to take care of yourself just because! We hope this episode helps you delve into the relationship you have with yourself and allows you honor your choices surrounding self care practices.

Warning: Prior to listening to this episode we request that you inhale balance and exhale bullsh*t.