S2E2 - Fitting In

Alex and AJ discuss fitting in and feeling a sense of belonging with others. Whether it's at work, with a group of friends, or even with a perceived identity - how do we feel like we belong? And are we the ones creating a false reality with our own judgements about how well we fit in? Join us as we come up with different theories about what it means to fit in and whether we actually want to fit in. This episode brings up a lot of questions and will probably need to be followed up with a Part 2 episode! We'd love to hear your thoughts and feedback on this topic, too! @alexandrajthomsen @forthoughtssake

S2E1 - Transitioning into Fall

Alex and AJ discuss wellness and spirituality practices to welcome in the Fall season. They talk about Chinese Medicine and what parts of the body are associated with Fall. Alex provides a meditation tool for letting go through the root chakra. AJ discusses doing cleanses during Fall and connecting food to mental health and wellness. AJ provides a journaling exercise called the Three R's: Reflection, Ritual, and Resolution that helps you navigate your way through a transition into a new season. Also. . . hear how AJ learned what a DM is because of Lizzo!

S1E19 - Reflecting on Season 1

Alex and AJ recap Season 1 of For Thought's Sake. Join them for some behind the scenes stories and hear the spooky reason why they didn't release an episode about sleep and dreams. They also discuss how rage was a motivator to finally record the first episode of the podcast, how the entire season was guided by intuition and finding flow, as well as things to get excited about for Season 2!

S1E18 - Stephanie Neutze: How to Simplify Your Life

Stephanie Neutze is an energy healer, vegan & gluten free baking queen, lover of pottery, and deep feeling human. She is striving to simplify her life and in this episode she shares exactly how she is doing that. Her checklist for simplifying her life includes things like: asking your heart and body what it needs each day, setting boundaries, and having accountabili-buddies! Stephanie says, “Simplifying doesn’t necessarily mean deprivation or living without, but it may mean living more mindfully, leaning into what lights you up, and listening to the whispers of your heart.” If you’re feeling the need to find your way back to yourself, this episode is for you!

S1E17 - Create Your Own Life Re-Do

When Alex was 12 her whole life flipped upside down. Her youngest sister was born and she moved from city life in Canada to rural life in central California. In this episode, Alex describes how she mentally became a "mother" and skipped over her teenage years in true 13 going on 30 fashion. Tune in to hear her theory about going back and reliving a time in your life that you didn't fully experience.

Warning: Prior to listening to this podcast, I request that you inhale balance and exhale bullsh*t.

S1E16 - Codependency in Relationships

Do you find it difficult when in a relationship to practice your own self-care for fear of seeming selfish or inconsiderate for not meeting your partner's needs first? In this episode, Alex and AJ discuss all things codependency. They go through clinical and "buzzword" definitions of codependency, signs to tell if you are in a codependent relationship, and what is needed in order to be okay with filling your bucket first. Hint: it involves honest communication, intention, and navigating your own headspace. 

Warning: Prior to listening to this podcast I request that you inhale balance and exhale bullsh*t.

S1E15 - Kevin Meehan: Corporate Dropout

Kevin Meehan calls himself a corporate dropout. He left the tech world six months ago and is in the process of figuring out what he wants to do next. In this episode, Kevin opens up about his current journey where people are questioning his choices and he feels like he's trekking through an existential wilderness. We discuss consciously choosing what makes you happy, how to handle the opinions of others with grace, ways to combat fear of the unknown, and following your internal compass.  

Warning: Prior to listening to this podcast, I request that you inhale balance and exhale bullsh*t.