“You are under no obligation to be the person you were five minutes ago.”

- Alan Watts


embrace the magic in you.

Self-Discovery. Spirituality. Health. Wellness.


Changing our mindset, behaviors, and actions takes a lot of effort and can feel overwhelming at first. Just agreeing to set out on a transformative journey is a huge first step.

In these courses, I help you to acknowledge the challenges of self-transformation and sit with the struggle before stampeding forward to eradicate negative feelings. Feeling better is a comprehensive process and there is no easy fix. It takes dedication to truly change our hearts and minds for the better. It also takes finding what works for you and you alone. I won’t tell you what you “should” do, but I will help you move towards discovering what is true for you.

I also want you to understand that self-transformation is an infinite process. You may never get to a place where you can pin down all aspects of who you are and what you believe. As new information enters your awareness and you encounter different life situations, you will inevitably have to adapt and shift depending on what is presented.

This is the nature and wonder of life.

Nothing is finite, and neither are you. This is just another stop on the journey; another bit of guidance to inform your choices.

Choose Your Path.


Guide to Surviving Heartbreak-11.png

“Love is always working behind the scenes. You can put your mind to rest while knowing and trusting that love is continuous and everlasting. Love never dies. Though life circumstances may change, love is a constant. Seek love in all that you do. Trust and believe in love.”

~ Archaea Faith

In this course, you will learn tools for healing your heart after experiencing the pain and loss of a broken relationship. You will be able to find peace with the situation and move forward while maintaining your faith and belief in love.

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“Be still now and let life unfold before your eyes. There is great magic and mystery in the universe that will present itself to you. Continue practicing your faith. It will lead you in the right direction.”

~ Archangel Michael

In this course, you will learn to identify the subtle signs your higher self and spirit guides are providing for you. You will learn to see everyday occurrences as the breadcrumbs that are leading you on your soul’s intended path.

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Leading With Your Intuition-11.png

Integrating Body Mind Spirit-11.png

“The best kind of dancing changes every day, hour to hour. It changes as I change; as my thoughts morph, as my aura expands and contracts, as my emotions swell and subside. The best kind of dancing is brought to me each day like a river bringing new water.”

~ Alexandra Thomsen

In this course you will learn how to unite your physical and spiritual experiences with your thoughts and intuition so as to gain a holistic understanding of your truth and purpose. This course builds upon what is covered in Leading With Your Intuition.

Coming Soon!


“My body was free and light; overcome by sensations of joy, love, and true happiness. This was the feeling of being alive.”

~ Alexandra Thomsen

In this course you will learn how to feel and interpret the messages your body is trying to communicate to you. You will learn somatic practices to help you get more in touch with your body and the way it speaks to you.

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It Starts with The Body-11-01.png

Saving Lives

When you invest in your own self-transformation journey, you are also helping to save the lives of animals in need with a portion of the profit from my online courses. As you begin making changes in your life, you are helping animals begin their new life where they can receive the care, safety, and love they deserve.

want to feel all the feels?

Watch this video to meet the dogs I have helped rescue.

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