S1E3 - A Lesson in Love

Alex likes Valentine’s Day. AJ does not. . . So we decided to discuss self love instead. We ask the question, how can I shift the relationship I’m having with myself? It starts with noticing when you feel disconnected, especially in terms of your mind body connection, and then cultivating the "noticing" of the disconnect. AJ talks about how self care and self love are interchangeable. How can you love yourself without being able to first care for yourself? We talk about the ways we both care for ourselves and Alex has a lightbulb moment where she realizes that she's only taking care of herself when she has qualifiers to justify her self care and self love. When it comes to incorporating self care practices into your life, you don't need any qualifiers or justifications for it. You deserve to take care of yourself just because! We hope this episode helps you delve into the relationship you have with yourself and allows you honor your choices surrounding self care practices.

Warning: Prior to listening to this episode we request that you inhale balance and exhale bullsh*t.