S2E1 - Transitioning into Fall

Alex and AJ discuss wellness and spirituality practices to welcome in the Fall season. They talk about Chinese Medicine and what parts of the body are associated with Fall. Alex provides a meditation tool for letting go through the root chakra. AJ discusses doing cleanses during Fall and connecting food to mental health and wellness. AJ provides a journaling exercise called the Three R's: Reflection, Ritual, and Resolution that helps you navigate your way through a transition into a new season. Also. . . hear how AJ learned what a DM is because of Lizzo! 

S1E18 - Stephanie Neutze: How to Simplify Your Life

Stephanie Neutze is an energy healer, vegan & gluten free baking queen, lover of pottery, and deep feeling human. She is striving to simplify her life and in this episode she shares exactly how she is doing that. Her checklist for simplifying her life includes things like: asking your heart and body what it needs each day, setting boundaries, and having accountabili-buddies! Stephanie says, “Simplifying doesn’t necessarily mean deprivation or living without, but it may mean living more mindfully, leaning into what lights you up, and listening to the whispers of your heart.” If you’re feeling the need to find your way back to yourself, this episode is for you!

S1E14 - Stress Manifesting in the Body

When we are anxious, stressed, or experience trauma, our bodies are often the first thing to alert us to something being wrong. Sometimes the aches and pains in our bodies are really a manifestation of what is going on subconsciously in our minds. In this episode, Alex shares the story of how she discovered an early childhood trauma that disguised itself as undiagnosable leg pains. With time and patience Alex was able to rid herself of the mysterious pain that plagued her for twenty years. 

Warning: Prior to listening to this podcast, I request that you inhale balance and exhale bullsh*t.

S1E11 - Alex & AJ Uncut

What happens when Alex and AJ don't talk for a month? This episode is what happens! We aren't your typical peeps catching up on what's been going on in our day to day lives. Instead, we bounce around thoughts and ideas. In this episode we discuss: body image, monogamy and polygamy in the animal kingdom, the Five Love Languages, martyrdom in relationships, Alex's body shaming experience, and using television as a coping mechanism. 

Warning: Prior to listening to this podcast, we request that you inhale balance and exhale bullsh*t.

S1E9 - When Your Head is Spinning

What do you do when your head is spinning? After the turmoil of that Mercury Retrograde season, Alex now feels like her life is a bit out of sorts. AJ comes to the rescue to help her process through what to do when you feel like you are drowning and don't know how to keep your head above water. They discuss their respective experiences throughout March (when Mercury was in retrograde), how to calm your nervous system, anxiety and depression in relation to motivation, how "should" is a bullsh*t word, how we need to be wary of the ways we use social media, and the importance of having a support system in place when you are in the thick of it.

Warning: Prior to listening to this podcast, we request that you inhale balance and exhale bullsh*t.

S1E4 - Experiencing Acupuncture

Alex experienced her first ever acupuncture session. AJ, on the other hand, is a seasoned acupuncture junkie and drops some Chinese medicine knowledge like a badass. In this episode, Alex describes her newbie experience and AJ fills in the real scoop on what acupuncture is all about. PS. We are not health professionals and are not giving health advice. Consult your own doctor before trying any new health regimen. . . but acupuncture is pretty rad. 

Warning: Prior to listening to this podcast, we request that you inhale balance, and exhale bullsh*t.