S1E19 - Reflecting on Season 1

Alex and AJ recap Season 1 of For Thought's Sake. Join them for some behind the scenes stories and hear the spooky reason why they didn't release an episode about sleep and dreams. They also discuss how rage was a motivator to finally record the first episode of the podcast, how the entire season was guided by intuition and finding flow, as well as things to get excited about for Season 2!

S1E6 - Mercury Retrograde

Some people use Mercury Retrograde as a scapegoat for bad things going on or to justify behaviors. Blaming the planets can be a slippery slope related to self-fulfilling prophecies. Our take on Mercury Retrogade? We believe in feeling empowered by having information about what may be going on around you and then using that information to help you make decisions. You gotta go back and check in with how you’ve educated yourself, what you’re interested in, why it is of value to you, and finding what really resonates with you. This episode is kinda like a pretzel. Join us through its twists and turns! Maybe Mercury Retrograde is to blame. . . 

Warning: Prior to listening to this podcast we request that you inhale balance and exhale bullsh*t.

S1E5 - Soul Suppression

What are you suppressing within you that needs to be unleashed? It is probably something that makes you feel alive, that allows you to release emotion, and feels good in your soul. In this episode, Alex and AJ unravel the ways in which they are not fully doing that which makes their soul happy. They discuss various components of this including physiological aspects (such as sensory integration), lack of access to the activities that light them up, and how our sense of identity can be wrapped up in that which makes our soul feel alive. 

Warning: Prior to listening to this podcast, we request that you inhale balance and exhale bullsh*t.

S1E2 - Intuitive Decision Making

In this episode we discuss how to utilize your intuition to help you make big life decisions. February is a big month for big life decisions. Many people are choosing new school programs to attend, whether it's choosing which college to go to for your undergrad, graduate, PhD, or any kind of school program. This episode offers some insights on ways to start tapping into your intuitive language. Hint - it begins with the body! 

Warning: before listening to this podcast, we request that you inhale balance and exhale bullsh*t.