S2E2 - Fitting In

Alex and AJ discuss fitting in and feeling a sense of belonging with others. Whether it's at work, with a group of friends, or even with a perceived identity - how do we feel like we belong? And are we the ones creating a false reality with our own judgements about how well we fit in? Join us as we come up with different theories about what it means to fit in and whether we actually want to fit in. This episode brings up a lot of questions and will probably need to be followed up with a Part 2 episode! We'd love to hear your thoughts and feedback on this topic, too! @alexandrajthomsen @forthoughtssake

S1E16 - Codependency in Relationships

Do you find it difficult when in a relationship to practice your own self-care for fear of seeming selfish or inconsiderate for not meeting your partner's needs first? In this episode, Alex and AJ discuss all things codependency. They go through clinical and "buzzword" definitions of codependency, signs to tell if you are in a codependent relationship, and what is needed in order to be okay with filling your bucket first. Hint: it involves honest communication, intention, and navigating your own headspace. 

Warning: Prior to listening to this podcast I request that you inhale balance and exhale bullsh*t.

S1E12 - Conscious Parenting with Alex Cantone

Alex Cantone is the creator of The Conscious Parent Guide (@theconsciousparentguide), where she helps parents navigate the world of parenting with ease through a more conscious lens. She is a developmental specialist, inclusive education advocate, intuitive healer, and human design chart reader. In this episode, Alex and Alex discuss what conscious parenting is, how settling for trying to parent just a little bit better than our parents did isn't going to cut it, and how our aversion to a child's behavior is often a reflection of something we need to address within ourselves. You'll definitely want a pen and paper to write down the many nuggets of wisdom in this episode! 

Warning: Prior to listening to this podcast, we request that you inhale balance and exhale bullsh*t.

S1E8 - Alex's Divorce

High school sweethearts. Married at 20. Divorced at 27. Reunited. Separated, Reunited again. . . all while going to graduate school. The story of this Twin Flame journey is a doozy! Tune in as Alex embarks on her first solo episode to share the story of her journey with the love of her life. 

Warning: Prior to listening to this podcast, we request that you inhale balance and exhale bullsh*t.

S1E7 - Friendship & Anxiety

In this episode, Alex and AJ discuss the ways we experience anxiety when it comes to friendship. How do you interact with someone when you have your own life circumstances going on that hinder you from being the friend you think you are expected to be? How do you handle the anxiety that may result from asking those questions? Alex and AJ open up about the ways they handle friendship which includes boundary setting, what it means to have expectations, reciprocity in friendships, and the role of fate, synchronicity, and the universe when it comes to friendship. They also discuss anxiety in relation to how we interpret text messages and social media responses from friends, which can actually be similar to the anxiety we may feel when face to face with friends. At the end of the episode they go through a checklist of questions you can ask yourself to help make decisions in regards to participating in social events with friends when you are experiencing anxiety surrounding the event.

Warning: Prior to listening to this podcast, we request that you inhale balance and exhale bullsh*t.

S1E1 - Integrity & the In-Laws

In this episode we discuss integrity and authenticity when it comes to being around friends and family. We ultimately dissect the question: how do you have complete transparency and authenticity when you are in a group of people who are not going to receive who you truly are with an open mind or an open heart? Integrity is tricky. When we act in alignment with our integrity, it may make it uncomfortable for people around us. Or it may affect them in a way that is not in alignment with our integrity - especially in relation to being with a significant other. How do you know when the juice is worth the squeeze? In this episode, we try to discern just that.

Warning: before listening to this podcast, we request that you inhale balance and exhale bullsh*t.